1. "The more you trust God, the more He amazes you."

  2. "A sure sign of the Holy Spirit’s working is that Christ is magnified- not people. When the Holy Spirit truly moves, God is the one praised. Jesus is the one lifted up. …Let’s pray that God would empower us so radically that we would get no glory. That people would see our works and glorify God."
    — Francis Chan, Forgotten God (via breanna-lynn)

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  4. "It was probably nothing but it felt like the world."
    — Morrissey, Autobiography (via biblesandtea)

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  5. "Don’t worry about having the right words; worry more about having the right heart. It’s not eloquence he seeks, just honesty."
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    You Make Me Brave || Amanda Cook & Bethel Music

    You make me brave 
    You make me brave
    You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
    You make me brave 
    You make me brave
    No fear can hinder now 
    The promises you made


  7. "But I say to you,” the Lord says, “love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who persecute you.” Why did he command these things? So that he might free you from hatred, sadness, anger and grudges, and might grant you the greatest possession of all, perfect love, which is impossible to possess except by the one who loves all equally in imitation of God."
    — St. Maximus the Confessor (via blakebaggott)

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    Crushes, a guide:



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  9. "

    I used the word “feel” a couple times and it was pounced on like a fumbled football. And yet I kept asking myself “why do these people have a problem with feelings or the concept of feelings?”

    Feelings are, essentially, thoughts. They don’t come from the heart, they come from the brain. Both thoughts and feeling are chemical and electrical functions of the brain. It’s true they are different, but one is not a lie while the other is true. The reality is, neither is trustworthy without verification and consideration.

    The distinction, however, that feelings are lesser trustworthy experiences is a false dichotomy. Certainly you can’t do math with feelings, but you can’t love with math. Is math an invention of God while love a worldly experience? Did God create your mind to be a calculator and Satan stuck some feelings into the mix?

    The Bible itself includes a large amount of art and history and comparably few rational essays, so the evangelical tendency to dismiss “feelings” is confusing. Add to this “rational thought” can also be misleading. Both Richard Dawkins and C.S. Lewis arrived at their different positions by taking trails of thought. Both consider themselves rational and grounded in foundational philosophical principals, but they ended up in different intellectual places. Why then do modern evangelicals elevate thought as though it is the only path to truth? And why dismiss feelings as though they are weak or lesser than? Shouldn’t the issue be given a more nuanced treatment?

    — Donald Miller (via dillondean)

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  10. "When love of one’s people becomes an absolute, it turns into racism. When love of equality turns into a supreme thing, it can result in hatred and violence toward anyone who has led a privileged life. It is the settled tendency of human societies to turn good political causes into counterfeit gods … We can look upon our political leaders as ‘messiahs,’ our political policies as saving doctrine, and turn our political activism into a kind of religion."
    — Timothy Keller (via yesdarlingido)

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